Friday, November 21, 2008

Where did it go?

So, I have been thinking about where I am, and have been awe struck at how fast time has gone. I am nearly done with my first semester. I have my classes one more time, a 10-page paper to write, a light lab project, a final, and one last mood board and concept. I can't believe it is so close. Thanksgiving break is very welcome. It has been a furious few months. I am also excited to come home for Christmas break. I really want to go skiing. I haven't gone in forever. If anyone wants to go please let me know.

Yesterday we had Al Crawford come to adjudicate the lighting for Jen's thesis show. He is the lighting director for the Alvin Ailey company. It is incredible to be out here meeting people that are doing what I want to do and have been very successful at it. It fills me with hope and fear all at the same time.

Tomorrow is the much anticipated "Holy War" I am going to paint my hair red in support of my alma mater. It has been a fun season and I am excited to watch the Utes win it this year.

I may be the projection designer for "Hair" next semester. That will be an exciting new challenge. Probably a large learning curve as well. I am registered to take a photoshop class, intro to grad studies, lighting systems, and projections next semester.

The only other thing worth note is that this week we went from T-shirt weather to freezing to death in one day. I am seeing ice form on some of the ponds. I guess winter decided to hit all at once. At least there isn't any snow yet.


The Haynies said...

That sounds way too cold dave... We are spoiled and still wearing short sleeves... That says alot about the weather because I think I will freeze to death in weather below 72F. Sorry school is so busy... hang in there, a break is just around the corner. Did you say you were getting an audi??? tell me more

david o smith said...

umm..I'm not getting an Audi. Unless I forgot something.

Tim said...

freezing death = bad.

alvin ailey, huh? that's pretty shoul dget a job with them, then Susan will love you when you get us tickets to their shows. (same thing for hubbard street dance, paul taylor, martha graham etc...)